Friday, July 27, 2012

All's Fair in Blogs and More Online Book Fair Continues

So, have you checked out the 
Online Book Fair yet? 

I thought I've give a few snippits from my reviews and some quotes from the books I am hosting!

Takes off like a shot and never lets up. Dark Light of Mine left me weak in the knees and begging for book three.

 "Great. I guess you're the dog whisperer, vampire edition."
 "What was it about women and crying that made me feel like crap? They must have guilt pheromones in their tears.

Entire review for Dark Light of Mine

Overall, Sweet Blood of Mine is a hilarious, enthralling urban fantasy that will knock your knickers off and leave you quivering for more!

Entire review for Sweet Blood of Mine

“Nothing could make me pull away meat-market love goddess. My sexy little filet mignon”

“Tight dump on three" he said... "I have to drop a deuce on the count of three?”

This is a fantastic beginning to the Garner Witch series. It is a happy combination of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and even a detective story to boot!

Entire review for Bound by Blood 

Interview with P.A. Lupton
“Wow! She's hot." Morrison commented while gaping lewdly at the body lying supine on the bed.
Insensitive asshole. I took a deep breath to calm my rising anger. "She's dead agent Morrison. I assure you she's very cold." I rebuked sharply.”
P.A. Lupton, Bound by Blood

 Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this book. I even stayed up late the final night I was reading just to find out what happened. 
 I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys YA, likes a mermaid story, or even just paranormal/urban fantasy in general. It was a charming book definitely worth reading.

 Entire review for 
Between the Land and the Sea

 “It was time to let my freak flag fly.”

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  1. Such a great group of authors! Thanks for hosting them and doing such a great job on the Blogger Book Fair!