Friday, May 27, 2016

New Construction/New Weirdness On the Horizon

[I originally tried to add this as a page, but I swear Blogger hide this little bad boy... 
so here it is as a post.]

Change, It is a-Coming!

I'm ready.  
The time has finally arrived to come back 
into the light 
and breathe life back into the blog.  
While this happens, you may start to see changes.  

More Stuff!
I'm still playing with it all but I anticipate adding more about my hobbies - other than reading (but reading and reviews will continue, fear not.)  

I'm a knitter (it takes balls to knit)

I'm crafty (I didn't choose the glitter life, the glitter life chose me.)

I'm a geocacher (though it has been some time since I've braved the Muggles to seek a cache)

XOXO AfterDark also has some great reads that I am eager to share with everyone!
I may even visit a nearby Little Free Library... exciting times!

I'm still very much a novice but I'm really keen to start using more of my own photos in addition to showcasing as much of Mars' beautiful photography as well.  It may be a simple picture-a-day challenge (that is not going very well holding up that 'daily' part) but I'd love to see if I can make some unique content that will hopefully be pleasing to the eye.

I'll likely share some of the videos the family has put together for the
I've even started dusting off my acting skills and expanded into camerawomen territory, for a few videos at any rate.

I hope y'all will bear with me as this blog transforms.  

Did I also mention giveaways?  
Giveaways - it's out there now.
I've been collecting several signed books and swag for upcoming giveaways so stay tuned.
*In fact I really need the shelf space so these should happen sooner rather than later*

Thanks so much for sticking with me, I'm excited to try out a few new things.