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Long, but Worth Every Word...

Long, but lovely. Did I mention it was LONG? There really is something captivating about a story including movie stars. There is that thrill and exhilaration from being even near the lime-light. Like just reading the book gives you that chance to bask in stardom's glow. I really enjoyed that feeling the book gave me, while still allowing the characters to be 'real'. Although many choices made grated against me, I was sucked into their story.

I kept waiting for the big 'drama', wondering if it was just going to be uncomplicated but expecting the other show to drop.  It dropped; oh, boy, how it dropped, and I fell for it... hook, line, and sinker. It just seemed like it was too easy, too uncomplicated, that I felt something big was building. I have to admit, when it finally arrived, I didn't see it coming. I sweared at my poor defenseless Kindle. It cut my heart out for like 2 minutes before I had a 'Ah-ha!' moment. So while it took me by surprise initially, I was able to see the truth fairly quickly.

I will absolutely continue the series! In fact, I really want to start book 2 like right now... too many other books in the way. It was really almost a 'wholesome' romance story but with several of the characters being famous. Do not pick this us expecting some fake reality show nonsense; leave the Springer mentality out of these romantic pages.  It's nearly blasphemy compared to the pure love that pours off the (many) pages. It's a great read to loose yourself for a while... and maybe the housework, too.

 I received a free copy from the publisher, Simon and Schuster, Inc., via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

I would feel more comfortable giving this just 4½♥'s 
...but since I don't have ½♥'s
 (who made this system- oh, that was me, wasn't it?)
I will round up in this case to


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On the Offensive (is it hot in here?) Cover Reveal


• Genre: Adult Romance / Erotica
• Cover Design:
Mayhem Cover Creations

For New Year’s, Peyton finds herself in Aspen for a vacation with her family instead of hanging out with her college friends back in Florida. 

While she’s missed her mom, step dad, and little brother, she can’t say that the same for Zack, her older step brother—a man she both hates and desires.  



Cara Dee is twenty-six years old, born and raised in Sweden. She started writing on a whim in 2011, and what was once pretty tame storytelling has since turned into erotica, where her biggest thrill comes from writing about the forbidden. She has few limits, and you’ll find out that there’s no fade-to-black or anything like “too much information” in her world. Before, she could barely have a character say “f**k”, and now one of her biggest turn-ons is Daddy kink. Age difference—the man being the oldest—is another one, as well as BDSM. Extensive research, music, general smut, and reading are always sure ways for her to get inspired. She’s proud to say she has gotten her husband hooked, too. ;) Although, he rather watches than reads! Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 
Cara’s journey to publishing has been all about learning the ropes, getting better at the English language, and trying out different genres in which to write. If she could only pick one person to thank for all the help, it would be Lisa. Had it not been for her, Cara wouldn’t have dared to venture into publishing her writing.

Impending Reprisals Cover Reveal!

Expected Release Date: February 25, 2013

Romance, Fantasy
Release date:
Time and Tide Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-0-9856576-6-6

ISBN-13: 978-0-9856576-7-3

Impending Reprisals
Jolyn Palliata

Blurb Anya’s simple, medieval life spirals into a fantastical whirlwind the moment Merivic, a lord, decides to take her for his own. Succumbing to his charisma, Anya is whisked off to his distant kingdom. But shortly after her arrival, she is reunited with her lost love, Kael, when he is introduced as her personal sentinel, and it soon becomes apparent their feelings for one another remain unresolved.

Struggling with what her heart wants and what duty dictates, Anya is soon immersed into a world of manipulation, deceit, and dark magic. Surrounded by impending danger from an unknown enemy, Anya attempts to deny Kael—her protector—to pursue a life with Merivic—the key to the evil threatening her. And while one man seduces her mind with magic, the other captures her heart with love.

I am REALLY loving this new cover!  
That redhead, that back
and that smoky tiger in the background... 
oh, my!
About The Author

Jolyn Palliata writes romance for adults and young adults alike, and has dabbled in just about
every genre there is (paranormal being her favorite). She lives in the Midwest with her highly patient
husband and insanely energetic son.

She loves the interaction with her readers!

Where you can stalk Jolyn:

Amazon Author Page

My Publisher: Time and Tide Publishing

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Dissolution Kickstarter BLAST!

What is Dissolution?

What if there is another world, just beyond our own? It's there, its footfalls are in sync with ours, but just slight enough that we fail to notice - and if we do, it's a barely-perceptible clicking noise that makes our hair stand on end. A shadowy movement out of the corner of our eye. The smell of roses where there is no reason for them to exist. A heartbeat whose source cannot be traced by our human ears. A world we fail to notice - but most definitely notices us. Now, imagine the veil being lifted and that world revealed at last - would you cling to your sanity or feel it slip between your fingers?

Dissolution is my pet project, going back many years. I first envisioned it as a novel in 2006, and in fact have written over 300 pages of sheer text of the story. However, as my art skills developed and I rediscovered my love of illustrating other people's works and ideas, it kindled a hunger to illustrate my own work. I kept coming back to Dissolution, looking at it fondly, and then deciding I just didn't have time for it yet. 

2012 saw a creative flowering of several projects in which I was involved, and I decided that I would make time for Dissolution. I wanted to see it in color, in images, give the characters faces to go with their names, and above all, SHARE the story so that others could see it too. I established a website in September of 2012 where I could share comic pages (and random thoughts/recipes) weekly.

Can I see any samples of your work?

Samples? Heck, you can go see exactly what you'll be getting! Well, the first half of it or so. Visit Dissolution, I update weekly with a new page! The printed version you are backing encompasses the first 48 pages of the story, far more than the website currently displays, but it's all set and ready to go and you hopefully will be able to tell from what's already available if it's a story that piques your interest! Warning: There IS some mature content in this story!

What is the Kickstarter Fund money going to be used for?

I will print a run of at least 200 copies of Volume One - the first 48 pages of Dissolution. If I get more backers, I will print more copies! That may seem like a small amount, but I am excited to even start with that. In addition, funds will cover merchandise included in tier level rewards - t-shirts, stickers, mini-buttons, and art prints. If there is a little left over, it will be funneled into purchasing an artist's booth at one of our local (or close-to-local) conventions (Shooting for one of the following: April 6-7, 2013 - Planet Comicon (in Kansas City); June 21-23, 2013 - Trek Expo ; or July 2013 - Tokyo in Tulsa).

Why should I pay for it when it's free online?
This is a savvy question, and one that I struggled with in creating this Kickstarter. It's true, Dissolution is free and viewable online - there aren't even any ads on the website. However, I can think of three reasons why you might choose to back this project in spite of that!
  • Dissolution: Volume One will cover the first 48 pages of the story.You will notice that there are nowhere near 48 pages on the site yet. This is because I've been building a backlog in preparation for this printing, and yet have kept my online updating to once-weekly. Backers will be WAY ahead of online readers when it comes to knowing what happens and where the story is going!!
  • By supporting this project, you are also supporting the continuation of the story in all its forms. Being able to print and market Dissolution is a dream come true - and it means that the website will be going strong for a long time in the future! A successful project here tells me that enough people are interested in the story and art that it is vital to continue.
  • You are an amazing person who likes to support authors and illustrators by purchasing their work. This can't be overstated. People who choose to back art and literature in spite of it being available online are among my favorite people (along with Jacques Cousteau, Michio Kaku, Georgio Tsoukalos and Neil deGrasse Tyson - what a list to join!). Seriously though, it's a big deal - your decision to back my project humbles me, and I thank you.

"But wait," you may say. "I WILL be ahead of the story - but then I'll have to wait SOOOOO long for the website to catch up!" Ah, but I've got you covered! If this Kickstarter is successful, I'm considering moving to faster updates - updates aiming for the reveal of the end of Volume One online (page 48) to correspond to the offer of Volume Two in the future. Backing this project will mean faster reveal of the storyline in TOTAL, for those online and in print. EVERYBODY wins! But especially you. Because you get to hang out with Kaku, deGrasse Tyson, Tsoukalos and Cousteau in my head.

Who are you?

Hi! My name is Indi Martin. I write, I illustrate, I don't sleep as much as I should. I've been drawing and writing all of my life - I actually have several completed novels, but am generally too much of a perfectionist to be happy enough with them to shop them around. Though I've done a lot of illustrating for projects, I still consider myself amateur simply because I have never been paid - or paid much - to complete them. My largest and longest dream has always been to someday make a living - even a super-meager one - through my creative endeavors! 

I love to Geocache in my spare time (I'm "Starbuck2011" in the Tulsa Area Geocachers group!) and really bliss out when I find high terrain-high difficulty caches first! I don't consider myself an "avid" hiker, but I'd love to be. I took some time out from life to hike the Appalachian Trail a few years ago and completed about 1000 miles of it - considering I had never actually camped out more than one night at a time prior to that, I'm glad the risk paid off and I grew to love it!

Be sure to check out the 
OFFICIAL Dissolution Kickstarter site 
for a video, more details, 
learn about ALL the fun rewards for backers
and to make a contribution.

please LIKE the

Don't be a muggle, show some love for a fellow geocacher!
 ~ Alana

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Making Connections A-Z Anniversary Celebration!


It all started with an idea.  Why not make a place where we can bring authors, bloggers, publishers, and reviewers together all in one place?

December 2012 marked the one-year anniversary of the Making Connections group.  Since then, we have grown beyond our imagination.  Not only have we listed almost 850 books in the original Making Connections group for review, we have also branched off and made a Young Adult group with 200 books listed for review.

Thank you for being part of this group and for helping us celebrate our one-year anniversary!  We look forward to see where 2013 will take us.

I requested "Q" for the A~Z Blog Hop!

"Q" is for Quirky Characters, Quoteworthy Conversation and Books, all come together to form the Quiddity of Making Connections!  I know... y'all probably feel like you just got whacked over the head by the 'SAT Word' Fairy... but seriously - when I first found Making Connections, I was like a kid in a candy store. 

"You mean, I can just sign up to get all these books... for free?" 
Why YES, yes you sure can as long as you are willing to fulfill the review request end of it.  Some of the books I've read, I don't think would have crossed my radar at all without Making Connections.  

I wouldn't be half the book pimp I am today without Making Connections there to enable me.  I'm proud to be a Mod there, although my petty contributions pale in comparison to how much time and Qi (energy... sort of) Tana, Sheri, and Midu put into the group.  I bow down to their superior talents and try to watch, learn, and emulate.  Y'all rock, ladies, and your Quips are first-rate!     

a Rafflecopter giveaway

... But Wait!  There's MORE!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check Out ALL the Stops!
Feb.2 – (A) Eva Pohler
Feb.3 – (B) Sailon
Feb.4 – (C) Mari Arden
Feb.5 – (D) Milda
Feb.8 – (G) Midu
Feb.9 – (H) Jonel Boyko
Feb.10 – (I) Kit 0127
Feb.13 – (L) Wynne Channing
Feb.14 – (M) Meredith Bond
Feb.15 – (N) Donna
Feb.16 – (O) Samantha
Feb.17 – (P) Stephanie Http://
Feb.18 – (Q) Alana (You Are Here)
Feb.19 – (R) Cody Kennedy
Feb.20 – (S) SantaFlash
Feb.21 – (T) Think Books
Feb.22 – (U) Maghon
Feb.25 – (X) Ellie
Feb.26 – (Y) Terri Bruce
Feb.27 – (Z) J.A. Beard

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Shattered Edge Cover Reveal... Hot! Hot! Hot!

Their trial relationship was meant to last six months, but things didn’t quite work out the way they planned...

Justin Middleton, who has left a string of broken hearts across the state of South Carolina, has only one thing on his mind, and that’s winning Terri Mitchell’s heart in six months. That’s all the time she’s given him...six short months. If he can’t do it by then, they’ll go their separate ways.

Terri Mitchell knows she’s lost her mind when she even suggested this harebrained scheme. She finally thinks her heart is on the mend from her past encounter with Justin. However, when he shows up at her house late one night looking deliciously sexy and irresistible, her iron will to fight him vanishes and the words tumble from her lips before she’s barely aware of what she’s done.

Within weeks, both of them find themselves passionately involved, but when Terri’s brother, Preston, shows up, mysterious things begin to happen, turning their blissful world into something dark and dangerous.

Be sure to add Shattered Edge and Edge of Disaster to your GoodReads shelves!
Isn't that cover just HOT! HOT! HOT!  
It's the next in the series after Edge of Disaster (with a smoldering cover of it's own.)  If you are a fan of fun, flirty, smokin' romances, you NEED to check these out!  



     My best friend was getting married in ten minutes. I was about to walk down the aisle as her maid of honor and I’d never been so nervous in my entire life. My palms were pretty much dripping water and I only hoped my dress wasn’t stained beneath my arms, because I was sure that about right now I was having massive antiperspirant failure. I had practiced walking in these shoes for two solid weeks at physical therapy. My therapists had convinced me (I actually made them pinky swear to me) that I could do this. At this moment I was quite certain that they had fed me some boldfaced lies. I knew when I took my first few steps, that I would stumble, then my bad leg would give out, and I would go rolling instead of walking down that aisle.
      Crap in a handbasket!
     I looked at Tana, the wedding director, and she nodded, signaling it was my turn. My grip tightened on my bouquet of fresh cut flowers. I was surprised the damn stems weren’t crushed by now. No doubt my fingers would be green by the time the ceremony was over.
      My left foot went out, followed by my right. Okay, I had this. I repeated this mantra...left, right, left, right, until I was up at the altar and taking my place next to the spot where Lexi would stand.
     I smiled and I’m sure it reached my ears, because I swear I could feel my earrings tickling my cheeks. Then I forgot the promise I made to myself. I totally blanked out because I was so excited about the stupid fact that I had made it down the aisle without looking gimpy. I let my eyes wander across the altar and damn if they didn’t land directly on him.
     He looked like the dude in the Ralph Lauren Polo ad...tall dark and alluring. Dressed in a black tux, he was perfect. Justin Middleton, brother of the groom and best heartbreaking nemesis. I suppose nemesis is relatively harsh, but heartbreaker isn’t. I had dreaded this day now for months. I should be happy for Lexi...she’d been my bestie since freshman year at UVA. But I was pulling the selfish card today. I tried not to, but everything I did was useless. I pasted a smile back on my face and jerked my head to the back of the church so I could watch Lexi walk down the aisle.
     Damn, that girl looked gorgeous. Her dress was really something. I’d never seen a bride where anything close to that. Originality...pure and simple. Her dress had an illusion neckline, making it appear sleeveless and off the shoulders, when it actually had sheer fabric that afforded a boat neckline. The dress was fitted and had fabric beads sewn onto it until it hit mid thigh where it was covered in layers of chiffon and stiff ribbon, giving it a totally off the charts look. And she was getting married in the church every Charlestonian would give their left hand...hell their right hand get married in. St. Phillips was the church on every Charleston postcard ever made. You had to be connected to get married there. And the Middletons were certainly connected. Hell, they were Charleston. South of Broad, blue blooded born and bred. Lexi sure lucked out here.
     And Pearce...didn’t he look yummy? Not nearly as yummy as Justin, but girls all over South Carolina would be grieving today because one of the most eligible bachelors, not to mention one of the wealthiest, was getting hitched. Once again, Lexi sure lucked out. But if anyone deserved it, Lexi did.
     Now, I sure wish the show could get a move on, because I would love for this thing to get the hell over with. I only had enough plastic smiles to last for a certain amount of time and once they ran out, I was gonna have to hit the road. I hated to be so snarky about this, but I couldn’t stand around with this happy assed face when I was cracking to pieces on the inside.
     The happy couple said their vows and damn it all, I started crying. Thank God the Tana gave us a list with a bag at the rehearsal last night, which included waterproof mascara and eyeliner, or I would’ve looked like Rocky raccoon, resident maid of honor and side kick to Bullwinkle. Yeah, this was gonna be fun.
     Now, I had to look forward to picture time and more plastic smiles. I pulled up my bootstraps and watched as Lexi and Pearce walked down the aisle as Dr. and Mrs. Middleton. Oh good lord, they looked so happy. I really couldn’t help the
true smile that formed then, because looking at them made me
believe in it all...their love was nothing short of bursting from
     I heard a throat clearing and looked up to see Justin waiting with his arm bent. I’d been so engrossed in watching the happy couple, I’d forgotten I had to walk arm in arm with him.
     Well, isn’t this a crap storm?
     I didn’t have time to prepare myself. When I put my hand on his arm, I felt the jolt all the way to my toes. I forced myself to look at my feet, when all I wanted to do was to fall into his eyes...his perfectly gorgeous eyes. Lexi always called Pearce,
Smoky Eyes, because he had gray eyes. Well, Justin’s were gray too, but his were the color of the sea, right before a storm hit. Deep, dark bluish gray and every time I looked at them I was pulled into their depths...just like I would imagine the sea as it would call to me. Mysterious, with things unknown lurking below the surface. That was Justin. Beautiful and sometimes frightening because he made me feel things I’d never felt before.
     He leaned his tall frame down to my smaller one so he could whisper to me, “You were perfect when you walked down the aisle, Terri. You made me proud.”
     That caused my head to jerk up. I shouldn’t have done that because my eyes landed right on his. And there I was, falling into them...deeply, dramatically, and yes, painfully.
     “God, you’re beautiful.” Three simple words that nearly made me cry. I felt my lower lip tremble, but forced myself to smile instead.
     “Thanks. You clean up pretty good yourself,” my voice trembled.
     He smiled and it felt like someone lifted all the blinds and curtains in the church. The light just entered and blazed around him. He was that kind of beautiful. I knew I needed to get away from him. That’s the sort of effect he had on me.
     Suddenly, I was back there again...last March.

    “Ms. Mitchell, we’re taking you into surgery. You were in a car accident and your leg was broken. We’re going to fix you right up.”
     Car accident? Where was Justin? Was he okay? Surgery?
The next thing I knew I woke up again in a room and there were my mom and dad.
   Several surgeries later, that damn wheelchair, physical therapy and Justin...Justin. God, why couldn’t I forget him?

Things had been moving along so well until that wreck. All those surgeries and he couldn’t stop blaming himself. And then Lexi catching him with those two girls and my heart nearly breaking. Yeah, my leg had been broken and I’d been left with a twisted mass of scars, but my heart was the one that felt more damaged.

     We reached the back of the church and were whisked off to the side by Tana and the photographer to where pictures would be taken. I was hoping they could put this thing on fast forward, get to the reception, have a little face time with Lexi and get the heck outta Dodge. That was my plan anyway.
     Picture after picture and tons of pasted smiles later (I hope Lex didn’t shoot my ass when she saw these pictures), we finally hopped in the limos and left for the reception at the Charleston Yacht and Harbor Club.
     I mingled with some of the guests, and made my way around to chat with Lexi and Pearce for a while, but before long, the throbbing in my leg and the aches and pains, had me hunting a chair. I spied one back in the corner so I walked, or at least gave my best imitation of one, over to it and blew out a huge puff of air when the weight left that leg. I was happy Lexi had approved the long dresses that we wore since they hid the scars that covered my disfigured limb. I absently rubbed it, like I often did, wishing for a huge bag of ice. They ought to invent Spanx you could cram an ice bag into for people like me. Maybe I could join forces with the Spanx lady and we could come out with Spanx on Ice. I bet those professional ice skaters would love that! We could even make a version for hockey players.

    “You must have something terrifically funny on your mind by the look on your face.”
    That voice of his made me want to strip off every thread of clothing and run naked through the streets yelling, “Take me, take me!” Crap! What kind of sexy did that man have working?
     “I guess so. I was thinking about a joint venture with the Spanx lady. We could call it Spanx on Ice.”
     “What?” he asked, bewilderment clouding his eyes.
     “You know...for my leg.”
     “Oh.” He smiled, nodded and acted like he was with me. I knew better from his odd expression. He didn’t get it at all.
     “Do you even know what Spanx are?”
     “No clue.”
     I burst out laughing. “Never mind then. They’re something no man should ever know about.”
     “Hmm, now I’m intrigued.”
    “Oh God! Don’t be.” The last thing I needed was for Justin Middleton to see me in a pair of Spanx.
     Mother of God save me now!

To find out more about A.M. Hargrove and her other books, be sure to check out these other posts! 
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Dark Waltz Cover Reveal

  Edge of Disaster ~ Smoldering, Fun, Flirty, 'Feel Good' Romance

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Fire Country Release Day Book Blitz!

Fire Country

In a changed world where the sky bleeds red, winter is hotter than hell and full of sandstorms, and summer's even hotter with raging fires that roam the desert-like country, the Heaters manage to survive, barely.

Due to toxic air, life expectancies are so low the only way the tribe can survive is by forcing women to procreate when they turn sixteen and every three years thereafter. It is their duty as Bearers.

Fifteen-year-old Siena is a Youngling, soon to be a Bearer, when she starts hearing rumors of another tribe of all women, called the Wild Ones. They are known to kidnap Youngling girls before the Call, the ceremony in which Bearers are given a husband with whom to bear children with.

As the desert sands run out on her life's hourglass, Siena must uncover the truth about the Wild Ones while untangling the web of lies and deceit her father has masterfully spun.

Are you excited?  I know I am!
And we have a special treat...

a guest post from Mr. Blue Eyes himself!

The Master Plan (Mwahahahaha!)

The combination of my two newest YA dystopian series have a lot of people scratching their heads and saying “Huh?” This has led to a lot of questions about how everything will fit together by the end of 2013, whether it will make any sense at all, and what the release schedule looks like. So hopefully I can clear it all up today!

First off, I want you all to know that I have a Master Plan. Yes, this is a technical term, something I have written in a file on my computer with lots of passwords and secret handshakes and retinal scans and such. Access to the MP, to this point, has been on a need to know basis, and if I told you, I’d have had to kill you. Well, now, all that goes out the window because I’m posting it on the internet.

OK, here’s the way it will all work. My first YA dystopian series, The Dwellers Saga, is comprised of three books, each of which is already published and available in ebook and print:

The Dwellers Saga

One—The Moon Dwellers

Two—The Star Dwellers

Three—The Sun Dwellers

My newest YA dystopian series, The Country Saga, is a sister series to The Dwellers Saga, which simply means it takes place sort of, kind of in the same world as the Dwellers although in a completely different location and with completely different characters. The first book, Fire Country, is available as of this blog post and I’ll be releasing a new book in the series every two months. Here’s what the series will look like when finished

The Country Saga

One—Fire Country (available now!)

Two—Ice Country (April 5th release!)

Three—Water & Storm Country (June 7th release!)

By June, each series will have three completed novels, but we’re not done yet! As many of you have learned at the end of The Sun Dwellers, the people of Fire Country might just run into the Dwellers at some point along the way (not so subtle hint hint, nudge nudge). So where does that leave us? It leaves me having to write a 7th book which will serve as the 4th and final book in each respective series, incorporating characters and plotlines from both sagas. It will have two titles, to fit each series: The Earth Dwellers and Glass Country.

Ambitious? Overly. Challenging? Most definitely. 

Ever done before? Who knows (or cares really).
Awesome? That’s the goal! At the end of the seven books I hope my readers will say, “Wow, that was really entertaining,” because that’s why I do what I do, why I cook up these crazy worlds and plots and characters, to entertain and delight and excite you, my readers.

So here’s to the Master Plan, may it all work out magically in the end! Mwahahaha!

Thanks for all your support, comments, questions, and excitement, without it, none of this would be happening and my dreams would still just be dreams.

To learn more about David Estes (aka Mr. Blue Eyes)
be sure to check out the 
Wow... David needs a special spot roped off for him on my blog.  
I didn't quite realize how often he's graced my posts!
Buy a Copy TODAY for a special price 
(February 1st only) 
of $2.99!