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Stacking the Shelves #12

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Help Author Nicole Rae Make Her Audio Book Dreams Come True!

Only 6 Days Left!
Check Out the KickStarter Fundraiser!

Here is the description of 'why' author Nicole Rae is trying to turn her eBooks into audio:

My project is to fund the creation of my books, Clandestine and Divinity into audio books. I am a new author, who recently debuted my first novel. It makes sense that my series would be available in an audio format. In fact, it’s slightly ironic that a blind person is an author and their books are not available in audio.
It has been my dream to write ever since I was a little girl. Now that I’m grown up, I’ve recently accomplished that dream. Now, I need my books to be available for people like me. I want the blind community to enjoy my series, as much as anyone else.
My first novel Clandestine is the first book in the Bound In Blood series. It has been out for a month now and is doing very well. It can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in ebook or print.
Clandestine has stellar reviews and mostly five star ratings. You can view the reviews and ratings on many sites, including Goodreads, B&N and Amazon. Over 350 people have added it to their “to read” shelves on Goodreads. It has also been added to several listopia lists and has even been featured in a group read for Book Haven, such has almost 5,000 readers.

And a lovely video including her adorable little girls!

Interview with Nicole Rae!

I think it's amazing how you've overcome your blindness to continue your reading (via audiobook) and to become an author on top of that! It's really amazing, and I think your 'cause' to make your books into audio is very inspirational!
I imagine day-to-day tasks become vastly different when doing them without your eyesight. What there someone, or a specific moment, that gave you the push to become a writer as well?

I have always wanted to write. I started with poetry and short stories. When I became a grown up and a mommy it was hard to joggle that as well as learning to deal with blindness too. A year ago I found out my three year old daughter is legally blind. They don’t know if she will have the diseases I have yet. It is too hard to diagnose in a child of her age. It doesn’t present the same. Anyway, I didn’t want her to think she was too different to accomplish her dreams. I don’t want her to look at me and think I’m a hypocrite. So, I’ve decided to practice what I preach… “Reach for the stars, and if you still can’t touch them… get a bigger ladder.”

I saw your goal was $2000, will that completely cover turning Clandestine and Sightless Spirits into audio books, or is that just be enough (or nearly enough) for one?

Actually it will cover the costs of two book productions. However, it will go toward the production of Clandestine and the second book in the BIB series, Divinity. It will cover the narrator’s time, the recording, editing and remastering, music and the finished product.

I've forgotten from our discussions if you've had to deal with blindness for only a few years, or most of your life. Has it caused any problems in your writing (describing scenes, colors) or has it given your writing a whole new perspective to your readers? I'm sorry I haven't yet read your books, but they are absolutely on my list!

I have been blind for around eleven years now. I had my childhood and teenage years totally sighted. Now in contrast, the majority of my adult years have been spent in blindness. In some ways it has affected my writing. I sometimes need to ask someone to describe something to me to job my memory. For the most part, I am able to pull from my visual memory to get the job done

Have you formed any friendships with other authors for mentoring or sharing notes and secrets?

I have. When I hired my cover artist, J.D. Stroube at Dreamscape Covers, I found a friend. In fact, she has become one of my very best friends. She is also a young adult author. She has given me a lot of great advice and calmed me down when things got stressful throughout the process.

Why did you create such a short deadline for the fundraiser? Are you trying to 'get the ball moving' quickly since production would take so long?

Kick Starter only allows a short time for their projects. The longest you can choose is sixty days. Honestly, it was recommended to me by Kick Starter to choose thirty, so that’s what I did. I am anxious to get production moving though. The narrator I have chosen (Melissa Strom) would like to start production soon. She says that production will take about six weeks or so to complete. She’s really good at what she does and has even done television acting.

Now the 'fun' questions!

(Other than this question) what are you reading right now?

I just finished Deadlocked by Sharlane Harris and Hidden from P.C Kast. I’m looking forward to starting the new Vampire Diaries book by L.J. Smith when it comes out in a few days.

I'm gambling that you are hopefully a fan of these, or at least have an opinion:
Which would you rather be: Time Lord (Dr. Who) or Witch/Wizard from Harry Potter?

Witch from Harry Potter for sure. Wouldn’t it be so cool if life were really like that?

Is there always room for Jell-O?

In my case… nope. I admit I’m kind of weird. I don’t like Jell-O and never did, even when I was little. For some reason, I can’t handle the texture of it in my mouth.

Glass half empty or half full?

Half full. No matter what one does in life, it’s important to stay positive. Life is an amazing gift that should be cherished. A cup can never be overflowing unless you keep on trying. In the end, that’s all that matters.

You can have any superpower- what would you choose and why?

Hmm… that’s a touchy one. On one hand, I’d have to say the ability to read minds. Sometimes it would definitely be nice to know what someone is thinking. On the other hand, I’d have to say some type of x-ray vision or something like that. How fun would it be to be blind, but have the give of some form of true sight? I think it would be pretty awesome, and very ironic. In my book Divinity (which comes out in December), one of the main characters (Lucy) has an interesting gift, despite her blindness.

What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Oh my Gosh, I have no idea and don’t pretend to. If I had to name something, I’d have to say love. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true. If everyone showed more compassion and care toward one another, maybe the world would be a more peaceful place.

Thank you Alana for conducting such a fun interview. I hope your readers will consider giving my books a try and also give some thought to contributing to my Kick Starter project. Anyone who pledges gets some really cool free gifts for their donations.

Here is the link to my Kick Starter project:

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Zane Making Connections Blog Tour ~ Holy Hawt Cowboys, Batman!

Book Title: Zane
Series Title: The McKades of Texas
Book Number in Series: #1
Genre: Western Contemporary Romance
Book Content: Curse words used throughout entire novel, mild violence and some sexual situations (not recommended for readers under the age of 18)

Synopsis of Zane:

Kellan Anderson is in hillbilly hell—or at least that’s what it feels like. After enduring endless accounts of abuse from her now ex-boyfriend, Kellan makes a run for her life and finds herself in cowboy country. Leaving her fancy clothes and expensive lifestyle behind her, she trades in her high heels for cowboy boots and changes her name to Andi Ford. With her painful past threatening to catch up with her, hiding out in this small town seems easy enough – until one blonde hair, blue eyed cowboy steps in the picture.
Zane McKade has sworn off women, determining that they are all liars and cheats—including the new waitress at the local bar. After a rather unpleasant first encounter with the beautiful brunette, Zane’s radar is set to high as he believes this woman is not who she claims to be. When his intimidation methods fail to break through Andi’s barrier he decides to turn on the charm to get her to tell the truth. But Zane’s plan begins to backfire as the more time he spends charming Andi, the more he finds himself breaking his own rules and falling for her.

My review of Zane:

Zane (The McKades of Texas, #1)Zane by Kimberly Lewis
I receiving an eBook from the author via Making Connections in exchange for a review. My thoughts are my own.

Holy. Hot. Cowboys. Not just hot, but 'Did it just get hot in here, HAWT'! And there is more than one, so it gives promise of future 'hotness' down the line. Promise is never a bad thing!

It's like Sleeping with the Enemy meets Dukes of Hazard, but in the best possible way. It's got that city girl becomes a 'fish out of water' feel to it... just the descriptions alone of Andie first hearing a rooster, or trying to collect the eggs from the chicken coops! It was really amusing and provided that perfect foil to the 'heavier' theme of escaping a physically abusive relationship. It really manages to keep the overall tone light and you can't help but anticipate the romance even as the animosity sparks are flying.

I am far from being the best judge of punctuation or grammar, but I found the book to be well written. It's like this clever little Indy author Western romance... but it has the feels of a 'big' author instead. I was just really amazed from start to finish- the cover (hot- yes we're bad to hot), the snarky dialouge that I just love, and the great opening book leading a trail of chocolate (we don't want stinking breadcrumbs) down the path to the new McKades of Texas book! I sucked Zane down in a day!

And I have to include my favorite quote from the book...

“Screw you, cowboy!” she yelled after him, saying the word exactly as she had before. “And that horse you rode in on.”

(Seems kinda underwhelming until you read the book and realize... he really DID ride in on a horse. I laughed out loud and got a scathing look from my husband for that one!)

Check it out! If you like romance and cowboys, this should most definitely be on your to-be-read list!

About the Author:

In November of 2011, author Kimberly Lewis stepped into the writing world with her first original western contemporary romance novel, When the Heart Falls.

Born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, this country girl at heart caught the creative bug at an early age, doing everything from drawing to writing short stories. 

After the birth of her son, Kimberly found the inspiration to pick up a pen, or in this case a laptop, and began writing her first novel. Since then she has continued to write and credits her husband, Rob, and her wonderfully crazy family, who with their love and joking demeanor provide her with the ideas that inspire her novels. 

In her spare time she enjoys reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her amazing family.

Book Link:

*Zane is currently only available in ebook format*


Author Links:

Twitter: @klewisnovels

Be sure to check out tomorrow's stop!

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Power of the Moon Blog Tour ~ Interview and Giveaway!

Be sure to check out my review post for the previous edition of Power of the Moon at Passionate Book Divas.... 

And that was BEFORE all the fun re-editing.  So... let's do the math... loved it then, add new, spiffy editing and maybe influences from Book 2, Covet the Moon... that has GOT to equal LOVE!
I'm working my way through the new edition, pesky life getting in the way of my reading - otherwise I would have already finished it, but so far it's already even better!

Okay... I have to ask, how did you come up with the name Miakoda Starr?  

As you delve into the book you will learn more about the meaning behind the name and why it was chosen. Miakoda is Native American for--Power of the moon.

How long will we have to wait for the next installment of Power of the Moon? And do you have a specific number of books planned?  

I’m fifty percent done with Covet the Moon! The series will have three or four books. We’ll see how that goes.

Did you do research for Power of the Moon?  Like auras, Native American heritage, riding cowboys (oops- was that out loud?)

... lol… All of the above, even the cowboy, because you can never have enough knowledge. ;)

I've noticed that law enforcement tends to be a common theme, or at least background or occupation for many of your characters in your books. Are you just drawn to that theme based on your own life and history, or does it just seem to be a launching point of inspiration, or just a simple coincidence? 

I’m definitely drawn to it. My husband of twenty-one years is a detective; it’s a lifestyle I’ve been around for a very long time. Even if I didn’t have that knowledge,
I’ve always loved the government “task force” theory such as Men in Black. I wanted to blend that with my love for the paranormal and thought about what elements of control law enforcement would have to possess if given the strength of paranormal creatures. How would they deal with crimes and criminals? It’s such a blast to write this story!

Do you use multimedia: to keep characters straight, have visual aids, specific music to write to, or just for inspiration? 

I use an outline and character BIO’s to keep them straight. Other than that, there’s nothing else. Sounds boring right? When I sit down to write, my characters take over and my fingers just start to fly.

What are you reading right now (other than this question?)

I am reading one hell of a series, pun intended. It’s the Road to Hell series by Gracen Miller. I’m in awe of the world she’s built thus far.

OK... now some fun questions *Muahahaha*

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life of the Party - Get Your Fix!

Blurb for Life of the Party:

Seventeen-year-old Mackenzie Taylor can't wait to be free; free from high school, the shadow of her perfect older sister, and her disapproving parents. The rebellious party girl has a perfect accomplice in best friend Riley, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who scores them drugs, booze and under-age entry into the only club in town. But then everything changes. A traumatized Riley suddenly decides to give up the party life, and a wide-eyed Mackenzie meets Grey Lewis, a broodingly talented, gorgeous older man she falls instantly in love with. Though Riley warns her to stay away, the aspiring rock star's body and ample drug supply are too tempting for her to resist. Previously inseparable, Riley and Mackenzie go their separate ways.

When summer hits, Mackenzie has new friends, a new apartment and new drugs to mask the pain of Riley's absence. And of course, she has Grey. But despite the fierce, consuming passion they share, the mysterious bad-boy always leaves her guessing. Is Grey really a good guy? Or was Riley right about him all along? Mackenzie's in too deep to care. Unable to curb her mounting addictions, before long the lust-for-life teen totally loses control. She forgets Riley, forgets life, forgets everything but Grey and their next hit.

But luckily for Mackenzie...Riley has never forgotten about her.

My Review:

Life of the Party by Christine Anderson

I received this book for free from the GoodReads Nexus ARR (Authors Requesting Reviews) program in exchange for a free review.

Life of the PartyWow. I almost gave it 5♥'s, but there were times in the middle that dragged a little for me. I found myself actually rooting for Mac to finally hit her rock bottom (I was getting sick of her being the life of the party.) I nearly reached a point of just wanting to smack her and physically prevent her from her downward spiral; practically screaming, "just hurry up and get it over with." But then she reach that low point... once that happened I was an absolute mess. Bawling my eyes out, wanting to say, "No, not like this! Not like this!"

It's an emotional roller coaster that reveals the dark road of many forms of addiction. It really touched me and will stay with me for a long time. Light and fluffy, this is not. It's a long, dark path filled with (Not-so-much)Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll. I appreciated the 90's references and how they really struck a cord with how my life was in high school. I'm not sure if it was my past, or just the story itself that caused it to really strike a nerve within me. To give you an idea, it's almost like the book Beautiful Disaster meets the movie Trainspotting. And I have to admit I hate, nay loathe, that movie. This book was gut wrenching, pull your heart out, eyes spill with tears, and throat burn pilgrimage.

The characters seemed well rounded enough to suck me in and touch my heart. Grey... oh, Grey. Oh, to be young again- young and free to make the stupidest life choices. I can remember some of my own, teenage thoughts mirroring Mac's. You have to see that dark to appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel.

The ending... I can see it making or breaking the story for many readers. It was OK (for me)... but I really wish the epilogue had been about Mac's future. Specifics about the future. I know in life there are not guarantees, but in my books I'd really like to know after Mac's journey... that there was not just hope and faith, that she finally did reach and stick with her goals. I was left with an overall impression that she was, but would have loved to hear about it, rather than what the epilogue contained. That was also part of 4 rather than a 5 star rating. This is a slice of life that is more than worth the read but should not be taken casually.

Check out Christine Anderson's website!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shadowborn Blog Tour ~ A Lila Gray Novel

Usually, I'm a little goofier than this, but allergies and such have been hitting me like a 2x4.  So my creative juices have been a little blocked by my stuffed sinus....

Lucky me, I got to have a personal chat with the beautiful Lila Gray.  I have a serious, serious thing for all things fae - I swear I had a *squee* moment knowing I was going to get to speak to Lila (from me that's really saying something... I don't *squee* as a rule.)  But read on to get a chance to meet Lila.  She SO rocks!  See how beautiful she is!

Okay, Lila (love the name, by the way)
You sure have been through so much in so little time, haven't you? Curve balls, and surprises, and secrets- oh, my... how on earth do you manage?

Hey, thanks, Alana. Yeah, life has not been boring with Parthalan and the Shadowborn around, I’ll give it that. My coping strategies are pretty simple, really. I tend to blow stuff up when I’m pissed, or sometimes work off a little *cough* steam with Liam. *rubs red cheeks and stares* Tell anyone I said that, and I’ll not be happy with you.

My lips are totally sealed. In fact, tell anyone you said what? I didn't hear anything!
So, I'm totally curious... I've always heard about fae that they have hang-ups about saying 'thank you'. Is that just a myth, or is it because you were not raised in the 'traditions'?

As Liam once told me, legends rarely get anything right. Yeah, I read every bit of lore I could get my hands on, and very little of it ended up being true. While our oaths hold consequences if broken, the whole “thanking a fae will indebt you to them” is bogus. Probably some fae’s idea of a joke on whatever dumbass wrote that legend. *snort* Wouldn’t surprise me if it was Parthalan. Probably had the guy as a slave for a few decades simply because he was polite.

Isn't it always the way of 'storytellers' never getting everything right!

You just mentioned the 'slave' thing... what is it, do you think, that makes the courts so different? I always think of them as the 'dark' and the 'light' (although there are some dark ugly things in the light, and .... Ok maybe even I can't find pretty, light things in the 'dark' court). It just seems like torture and S & M (maybe even the full BDSM) and such all are so prevalent in the dark. Do you have any guesses why? Unless you're a psycho or something I just can't see why someone would want to rule the dark, or be drawn to the dark. Sorry I'm all rambling and stuff, I just get so excited and have a hard time expressing myself.

We’re all capable of darkness and light. Some of us are more drawn to one or the other, and once we’re there amongst fae of that sort, the shift usually becomes more pronounced. Evil or vain by osmosis, or something like that. The dark side of the court is more driven by passion and strong emotions, and that typically leads to violence faster than the light side, who seem more interested in how their hair looks than power or one-upmanship.

It sounds like the grass isn't greener on either side.
Are you mad about your mother not telling you everything? She obviously did it for a reason, and I know intellectually you probably acknowledge that... but do you ever emotionally just wish you could have been told? Could have had a 'normal' transition from child to adult?

I was hurt for a while after I found out the extent of the lie I lived as a child, but I know now why she had to make me believe I was human.  She died to protect me.  Everything she did was to make sure I could live to fulfill my purpose.  I can't be anything other than deeply proud of her.

Oh, wow.... I'm getting misty-eyed hearing about your love and loyalty to you Mom... *sniff* Okay... I think a mood lifter is in order now... how about some FUN topics? It sounds kind of like the world (overall) went to hell in a hand basket (*shakes my head* not sounding too mood-lifty right now, is it?)- but BEFORE all that (as a child)- did you have a favorite movie? TV show? Food? (I imagine grub worms would NOT make that list!)

TV? Geez, it’s been a while since I’ve thought about that old contraption. We had one in the living room, I think, but I can’t remember ever turning it on. We’d all sit around the fireplace after supper and my Nan would read the classics to us, or tell us stories that I realize now were fae folk tales. And my favorite food would have to be the chili my older brother, Milo, used to make once in a while. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Adventures of a Graveyard Girl - Making Connections Blog Tour

Adventures of a Graveyard Girl Adventures of a Graveyard Girl by Milda Harris

I received a free copy of the book through Making Connections from Milda Harris in exchange for an honest review.

This is an innocent, YA sleuth story. As with the first book, it had some almost Scooby Doo elements to it, although not quite as strong as Adventures in Funeral Crashing. I would be comfortable recommending this for Jr. high age and up. It's like a cross between Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew, but set in current day.

I found this second book of the series to be very consistent with what I would expect after reading the first. It was charming and youthful, in addition to being a very quick read. There were some elements, as with the first book, where Kait would get a little fixated on something and repeat herself throughout the book. In the first, it was the peanut butter banana milkshake. In this book, it was the 'are we boyfriend/girlfriend', 'does he like me' or 'like me, like me?'... you get the idea. But instead of getting frustrated with the fixation (well, maybe a teeny weeny bit at first) I found it to be an endearing quality of Kait. I found her to be absolutely true to her age and maturity level which was such a nice contrast to the increasingly more 'adult' YA books that are popular nowadays.

Overall, I found it to be a sweet, cute, quick little read that was just plain fun. I am eager to get my hands on more titles written by Milda Harris because I love her youthful voice that rings so true in the Funeral Crashing series. If you are a fan of more tame (no hanky panky)YA books then I would check out this series!

Synopsis of Adventures of a Graveyard Girl
(Funeral Crashing #2)

Kait Lenox is back! It's Homecoming Dance time
and Kait is excited. It's her first dance with a date and that
date is none other than one of the hottest,
most popular guys in her school, Ethan Ripley!

For once Kait doesn't feel like
a funeral crashing weird girl and it's
the most perfect romantic evening ever...
at least until a girl gets
murdered in the high school bathroom.

Rumors fly, panic ensues, and Kait can't help herself,
she assigns herself to the case!


Synopsis of Adventures in Funeral Crashing

(Funeral Crashing #1 – Now available for FREE download !)
Sixteen year old Kait Lenox has a reputation as the weird girl in
her high school, mostly because of her ex-best friend turned mean
popular girl, Ariel, but maybe it has a little to do with the fact that
Kait has a hobby crashing funerals. At one of these, Kait is outted
by the most popular guy in school, Ethan Ripley. Yet, instead of
humiliating her for all the world to see, he asks for her help, and
Kait finds herself entangled in a murder mystery. Not only is the
thrill of the mystery exciting, but more importantly Ethan knows
her name! A little sleuthing is well worth that!

About the Author: 

Author Milda Harris is a Chicago girl who ran off to Hollywood to pursue a screenwriting dream! She has a dog named after a piece of candy (Licorice), was once hit by a tree (seriously), and wears hot pink sunglasses (why not?). Between working in production on television shows like Austin & Ally, Hannah Montana, and That's 

So Raven and playing with her super cute dog Licorice, she writes young adult murder mystery, horror, paranormal romance, and chick lit novels.

Her ebooks Adventures in Funeral Crashing, Adventures of a Graveyard Girl, The New Girl Who Found a Dead Body, Doppelganger, and Connected (A Paranormal Romance) are for sale now! 

Book Links:

Adventures of a Graveyard Girl 
is available from the following 

Where You Can Find Me:

Facebook - Author
FacebookFuneral Crashing

Monday, October 8, 2012

Until There Was You Release Day!


A new book has just been unleashed upon the world!

**How HOT is that cover!**

Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott returns with an all-new contemporary eBook original romance, following last fall’s release of her sizzling debut novel Because of You.

He plays by the rules, she’s not afraid to break them. Now these two strong-willed army captains will prove that opposites attract . . .

A by-the-book captain with a West Point background, Captain Evan Loehr refuses to mix business with pleasure—except for an unguarded instance years ago when he succumbed to the deep sensuality of redheaded beauty Claire Montoya. From that moment on, though, Evan has been at odds with her, through two deployments to Iraq and back again. But when he is asked to train a team prepping for combat alongside Claire, battle-worn Evan is in for the fight of his life.
Strong, gutsy, and loyal, Captain Claire Montoya has worked hard to earn the rank on her chest. In Evan, Claire sees a rigid officer who puts the rules before everything else—including his people. When the mission forces them together, Claire soon discovers that there is more to Evan than meets the eye.

He’s more than the rank on his chest; he’s a man with dark
secrets and deep longings. For all their differences, Evan and Claire share two crucial passions: their country and each other.

About the Author

Jessica Scott is a career army officer,
mother of two daughters, three cats,
three dogs and two escape-artists
hamsters, wife to a career NCO and
wrangler of all things stuffed and fluffy.
She has commanded two companies,
served in Germany, Korea, Fort Hood
and Iraq, and been lucky not to get fired.
She is a terrible cook and an even worse
housekeeper, but she’s a pretty good
shot with her assigned weapon.
Somehow, her children are pretty well
adjusted and her husband still loves her,
despite burned water and a messy

Book Information
ISBN: 978-0-345-53389-0
Published by : Loveswept
Available at these ebook retailers:; Barnes & Noble,
iBooks, & Powells




“Jessica Scott writes with a soldier’s heart.”
New York Times Bestselling Author
Cindy Gerard

"Jessica Scott is an exciting new voice in romantic fiction!"
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author
Robyn Carr

"Edgy and current—and a truly satisfying love story. Put
this book, Jessica Scott on your “must read” list."
New York Times Bestselling Author
Suzanne Brockmann

"Jessica Scott should be on every reader's list."
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Brenda Novak