Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paradox: The Angels are Here

Paradox: The Angels Are Here (Paradox, #1)Paradox: The Angels Are Here by Patti Roberts

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thanks for Patti Roberts allowing me the chance to read her book.  I normally would be SO against the idea of quoting the blurb in my review... but in the end, there was just too much going on and too many questions for me to even explain to someone in my own words what "happened".

"A journey crossing Two Worlds. One Ancient - One New."
Okay- to expand upon this, there is the "ancient" story that lays the "good vs. evil" groundwork and starts to explain about this very novel concept of angels.  There is also the story of a young girl struggling with her family and death.

"How do the heartbreaking visions experienced by a little girl fit into this Ancient World of Angels, Myth &; Legend?"
This question remains after reading this book- how does the little girl fit in to a legendary ancient struggle?

"Where lives are bound by blood - and nothing is as it seems. In a World where there are more questions than answers. This journey will leave you wanting and have you asking... Who, When, Where?"
This little blurb above described the book fairly accurately for me.  I was left with more questions than answers- had no clue what was going on at time... I would even go beyond "Who, When, Where?" with also- What did I get myself into agreeing to read this book, How am I going to finish it, and finally WHY am I reading this book?

"Is your Guardian Angel From Heaven or Hell...?"
This intrigued me at first; it was likely the "concept" that grabbed me from the blurb to make me want to read it.  But now that I've finished... even 24 hours later (sometimes I find it helpful to let the story "settle in" and see if it becomes easier to understand) ... I am still left with a huge "?".

Not even halfway through the book I just got so utterly confused, didn't understand how the story weaves together.  To me, it seems that this really is more of a prequel to the next book (maybe it really is, and I'm just now getting this.)  While for some, all these questions and ambiguity might lead them to continue to find out what happens, how it all fits together... is our guardian angel from heaven or hell?  But for me, I'm just so glad I managed to get through it and it's over.  It's not badly written- there was vivid imagery, I felt the characters were true to their ages (true ages, not apparent ages- there is a distinction).  And there are aspects of the story that really are captivating.  But the overall lump of everything together made me feel like I just took a test in my underwear where I had no clue of the subject matter.  Maybe it's just over my head.

I think if you like "epic" fantasies, then you will enjoy this book.  The closest epic story I can think of that I enjoyed is The Fellowship of the Ring.  So maybe this just is not my genre.

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