Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trapped ~ It's INCONCEIVABLE How Much I LOVE this Series!

Trapped (Iron Druid Chronicles, #5)Trapped by Kevin Hearne

Okay... I'm going to try something a little different. One would hope, at this point, that anyone interested in reading the Iron Druid (this installment specifically) would have read the previous books. So instead of telling you what a clever dog Oberon is (he seriously deserves a treat) or mention how funny it is (I SO wish I could hear the story -in person- of "The Purloined Poodle" featuring two dogs and Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago) or how action packed it is (okay, how many Gods is this Druid going to piss off?)... instead I'm going with a Top Ten List of why Trapped is one of the best installments to date of the Iron Druid:

10. Coyote is finally gone... for now at the very least. He's not necessarily a bad guy, but I was ready for a rest from his wily ways.

9. Druids kick some serious, serious butt- regardless if that butt is immortal or not. And yes, I meant to use the plural forms of Druids.

8. When in doubt, blame the dark elves. (Not to be mistaken with dwarfs. Totally different.) It's sound logic, trust me.

7. You get a dose of mythology and culture along with the book... you always wanted to know more of the finer points of Ragnarok and Greek and Roman Olympians..... right? Or for those of the fantasy history persuasion... you always wanted to know the mourning habits for a dwarf... right?

6. All the damn vampires. Not a sparkle to be found. And Gods. And Goddesses. Sometimes even 'clothes optional'.

5. Oberon is the way and the truth, Bacon Testify! You cannot attain 'badass-ness' without that ever required love of all things Bacon or Sausage. (OR the three "H's" of doggie dogma.)

4. Oberon's running commentary and philosophy regarding human mating habits. Yeah, you heard that right.

3. Clowns. Coulrophobia for everyone! It's not just for kiddos anymore.

2. Paranoia... Just because you are paranoid does not mean there is not an army (maybe even immortal army with sharp, pointy teeth) out to get you.

1. So many fun movie references, you can cackle with glee and get your Geek on. Inconceivable!

So run, don't want, and get your own copy once it comes out! And be sure to bring extra sausages for Oberon!

I want to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for allowing me to read an ARC in exchange for a review.

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