Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's Get Underneath with Michael Cargill ~ Making Connections Blog Tour

Let's get Underneath Michael Cargill's collar.... and see what we find....

First off... and excuse me if I'm kinda quirky... Hugh?  Why did you choose the name Hugh for your character?
Choosing names for main characters is always a bit of a pain.  In this instance, I looked at the names of authors on my bookshelf and saw Hew Strachan!  That particular spelling is kind of odd, so I changed it to the more conventional one.

Is he TRULY crazy, or just your average everyday weird person?
He’s a sociopath, born and bred.  Well, maybe not born.  You’ll have to read it to find out anything more...

Do you use multimedia (pictures, music, or other) to assist you with writing?
I always bosh some music on when I’m going to do some writing.  It’s partly because I like the music, but also because my PC fan is outrageously loud.  Unfortunately, my musical tastes are far from cultured; it’s pretty much dance music, or nothing for me.

What are you reading right now?  (Other than this question....)
I go through bouts of reading non-fiction, and I recently started a book about the Napeolanic wars.  I know very little about this era, so it’s all very interesting and stuff.

As a child, what did you want to be growing up?
I remember reading comics that would occasionally feature people smashing up pianos with huge mallets.  It always looked great fun, and getting paid to do something like that would be amazing.  Certainly beats being a train driver.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
I don’t really care for either, really.  Piano Wars, or Piano Trek is what I want to see.

Ginger or Mary Anne?
I have no idea who these people are!  Ginger is a good name for a cat, whilst Mary Anne would be good for a ship.  Or a horse.  Horses are rubbish with pianos, so I’ll go for Mary Anne the Ship.

Do you think androids dream of electric sheep?
Androids can only think in binary, and Excel spreadsheets.  They probably have nightmares about humans saying “try turning it off and on again”

Monty Python or Mel Brooks?
The Life of Brian is timeless, and still funny even after all these years.  Python for me.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because somebody swapped his street around.

And finally...
What's the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
If you can train a cat to cook you a bacon sandwich, I reckon you’ll be close to getting the answer to that.

A thriller by Michael Cargill

Look at the person sitting just
across from you. It doesn't matter
whether they’re a loved one, a
friend, or a complete stranger.
Now look at their face. Are they
happy? Are they sad? Or are they
angry? Can you even tell?
How well do you actually know the
people closest to you?
Have you ever seen the real person
that lies just underneath what you

Underneath trailer


About the author:

Michael works in IT by day, and has heard the words “Yuck, I hate computers” more times than he cares to count.

Although generally a fan of thriller-suspense stories, he is also something a WWII enthusiast.  By this, he means that he likes reading about WWII; he has no desire to travel back in time, and actually be a WWII soldier. Everything was black and white back in those days, so telling the difference between a blood stain, and a coffee stain is almost impossible.

Michael is a new author, and he published his first story in mid-2011. Underneath is his debut novel, and he cites Stephen King, John Grisham, and James Herbert as influences.

Michael is as much a humorist as he is a novelist, and his website is chock full of hilariously irreverent and sarcastic articles.

Anyone looking to sample his work, should check out Shelter from Thunder. It is short, and available for free on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

Interestingly, he thinks that authors should be more willing to embrace piracy. He uploaded his own work to numerous torrent sites, and links to them are available on his website.

 Links and stuff:

Website - http://michaelcargill.wordpress.com

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/MichaelCargillAuthor

Twitter - @MichaelCargill1

Where to purchase this book:


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble


  1. Thank you, Loony Lana, for hosting me and Hugh on your blog.

    We (well, I did) enjoyed it muchly.

  2. I absolutely LOVED this interview Alana! Great job both (or all) of you!