Monday, August 20, 2012

Think Out Loud #1 and Stop ePiracy Blog Hop

Think Out Loud is a weekly meme started to
get bloggers to post something out of the ordinary.
A pic, video, recipe, rant....
you get the picture.
Do whatever YOU want!
Well Think invited me to do her new weekly meme, and I've been meaning to, but just seemed too busy for a while there.  Well, finally, I'm not.  So... something different, unique.  Something this blog hasn't seen before.

This is wonderful artwork of one of my great friends, 
Mars Montgomery.

I love it so much 
(some of the earlier works are framed on my wall at my house)
I imagine her artwork may end up being a regular fixture on my 
Think Out Loud 

But wait, there's more!

It's also BLOG HOP Time!  Woohoo!

In the spirit of the Think Out Loud meme...

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Be a Pirate!

10. Eye patches and peg legs are SO last season!
9. Your throat starts to hurt after all those "Aarrrrrrrggggghhhs!"

8. Booty.  Sounds good until until your pants can't zip.
7. You saw how well the pirate look worked for Seinfeld.
6. Think of all those parrot droppings!

5.  So you've plundered, and your buddy has plundered... the next thing you know there's nothing left to plunder... except YOU!
4. You're not a 'Smooth Criminal'... just a criminal.
3. Working conditions... is it really a 'pirate's life' for you? 
2.  Parley doesn't work on law officials when you've gotten caught.
1.  You are NOT Captain Jack Sparrow, no matter how much rum you drink or treasure you've plundered!  
(Should some miracle happens and Johnny Depp is reading this... ignore the list and plunder to your hearts content!)
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  1. Soooo awesome! LMAO. Your friends artwork is amazing and your e-piracy post cracked me up! Thanks Alana.

  2. nice, although That's isn't where I thought you were going with "booty" :D