Monday, April 2, 2012

Passionate Book Divas is Up and Running! and Check Out What's in My Mailbox!

I've promised I would try to make this a regular posting of 
"What's in my Mailbox" ... and I couldn't resist a chance to further get the word out about my newest blog collaboration:
Passionate Book Divas!  

My post and giveaway are out there NOW... so run on over, after you've finished reading my post here.  
Or run over, only if you promise to come back!
Don't think I'm not watching y'all!

So get your ears and antennae to attention!

Alana Antennae

See mine are up and perky!

Okay, I know everyone is an eager beaver to run over to the new blog- especially with all the GREAT giveaways (yes, I said giveaways!)  So without further ado, here are some upcoming reads in my mailbox.  These were obtained either directly from the author or through the Goodreads: R2R (a program of Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics), Read it and Reap (program for Shut Up & Read), and Making Connections.

Don't they look interesting?  I am very excited to get the opportunity to read these!
So go on and show me what's in your mailbox.  Feel welcome to comment with a link to your blog as well!  And be sure to check out my review for

on Passionate Book Divas along with my eBook giveaway of

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