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Interview with a Highlander: James of Immortal Prophecy

I have a special treat for everyone!  I was given the opportunity to interview James, the hunky highlander Immortal from :

If you have not read the book yet, beware the interview may contain spoilers!
So James, You seemed surprised when Ally first heard your thoughts during Vincent's attack, why?  Is it because human soulmates don't have that power until after the Conversion?  And later, when teaching her powers, you had never seen an Immortal using the 'deflect' skills that Ally apparently has?

Yes, that's right.  Immortals have the gift of telepathy but most humans don't until after the conversion.  She shouldn't have been able to hear any thoughts i sent to her.  So i was surprised to say the least! But i was also relieved that she could.  It meant i could get her out of Vincent's way.  And as for the deflecting...well that was a big surprise.  Not even an Immortal should be able to do that.  You see, the fire ball is real fire, it wont hurt the Immortal that creates it, but it will hurt anyone else that comes into contact with it, human, vampire or whatever.
That is why i was so hesitant to try and test the theory after she did it by accident.  But you know what Ally is like.
*Big smiles* She is one determined human! I didn't nickname her my little spitfire for nothing. *Laughs*

You said, "Maybe I really am a caveman?"  As a 300 (ish) year old Immortal, you seemed to have adapted and embraced new technology by learning to drive, and owning an iPod.  Why is your 'caveman' attitude toward Ally not as progressive?  Is it an Immortal thing?  Growing up in older times?  Or just a 'James' trait?

Ah, well technology is easy to adapt to.  I can understand it, it makes sense to me...Ally on the other hand. *He says with a side grin* She isn't as easy to understand.  It's also an Immortal thing too, we have a tendency to be dominating and we come from an era where the males are leaders and our actions aren't questioned.  This day and age are obviously very different, as Adele likes to remind me.

Ally has certainly been giving me an education in the new way of thinking, and i must admit that i am beginning to like the new way of things.  Women have a different way of thinking to men, and on more than one occasion it has been very beneficial to have her input! But i am still learning. *He says with a laugh*

The Prophecy "note written on the back of it that James was destined to be the prophecy girl's soulmate."  Has anyone ever questioned where it came from?  Does anyone still know exactly what it said?

We know that it was written by one of our oldest seer's, Gabriel.  We have assumed that my parents were in possession of the parchment and somehow knew that i needed to be with the Carlisle's in order to meet my soulmate, Ally but that is all we have put together.  Ally of course is determined to get to the bottom of it, and if anyone can, it's her.
The prophecy has been in our possession since it was found, so i have read it many times and know the words exactly.
It says -

From the bloodshed she will rise,
The granddaughter of a warrior lost,
Born under cover of darkness,
Hidden from prying eyes,
She will bear the mark of a lunar eclipse.

Immortals will spread far and wide,
She will bring them back,
No more reason to hide,
Destiny has chosen this one,
But out of fear,
She will try to run.

The chosen one must have faith,
Or all will be lost,
And the Dark One will rule the land.
She can win this battle,
But only by her hand.

The Elder Council will rise once more,
One by one,
Six will heed the call.
Nothing like you would expect,
These are yours to revere and protect.

One who knows what she is not told,
One to fight the battles foretold,
One to feel what is not hers,
One from the world which we protect,
One from the enemies which we chase,
And the Chosen One,
Who they will embrace.

When the council has risen,
It is time to strike,
Gather your army,
And go to the fight.
Courage will win the day,
But only if she has chosen to stay.

James, have you ever wondered who your 'real' parents were?

Of course, i think about it all the time.  I hope that i will find out who they are one day, but i will always think of the Carlisle's as my parents. They raised me, loved me and took care of me.  I think all children in that situation, even Immortal ones, would long to know who their real parents are and why they gave up their child.

When did you figure would have been the "right time to tell?"  If Vincent had not attacked her, and forced your hand, how many more years would you have waited?

Honestly, after everything i know now, i don't think there would ever have been a 'right time to tell.'  It was never going to be easy, and its not exactly something that you want to tell someone.  But i wanted to spend some time getting to know her before she found out about everything, unfortunately it just didn't turn out that way.  In answer to your question though, i would have only waited another six months before telling her.

"When the conversion took place she would understand what he was suffering for her."  How were you suffering for her?  Can you explain?

Immortals feel emotions ten fold compared to humans.  It is literally painful for me to be with my soulmate and not be with her once i have found her.  She feels sad, i feel devastated.  She feels lost, i feel like i have been ripped in half.  On the flip side, she feels happy, i feel ecstatic.

"We all have one soulmate who is the other half of your soul."  Does every Immortal find their soulmate?  In your 300 years have you ever heard of someone 'getting it wrong'?  How could Chase how mistaken something like that?

Unfortunately no, not everyone finds their soulmate.  Our race is at an all time low, because of the Vampires and the fact that most of the Immortals have fled to all corners of the globe. 
As for seeing someone get it wrong, no i haven't.  But if anyone was going to make a mistake like that, it was going to Chase.
*eye rolls*
He has the potential to be a great Immortal, but he needs to grow up a lot before that happens.  The incident with Kathryn, was a perfect example.  We don't know exactly what happened, but i believe that he mistook attraction and desire for a soul connection.  I just hope that he gets it right the next time.

Have you ever asked Ally about the reading from the fortune teller?

I have, and neither of us can work out how she knew everything that she did.  Only an Immortal should have the information she did, psychic or not.  It's a mystery that may never be solved...

How could you wait so patiently for so long?  Wasn't it odd when you first found out about Ally, especially when she was younger?  Did you ever doubt the validity of you being the soulmate and/or Ally being the prophecy girl?

The love i feel for her made me wait.  You see, the kind of love that an Immortal feels for his soulmate is selfless and all i want is whats best for her.  I put myself through hell watching from a distance, making sure she was safe, because i thought that was what she needed and what was the best thing for Ally at the time. 
I questioned the validity of her being my soulmate, until the moment i laid eyes on her, and i knew she was the one with out a single doubt in my mind.  My heart felt like it had expanded with a love i had never experienced before, and everything changed.  She was the reason i was walking the earth, she was my reason for existing and she became the one and only thing i cared about.  Alessandra is my everything.
The prophecy describes her, and the circumstances under which she was born, so i have never questioned it.

What prank did Chase pull on you when you were younger?

*eye rolls* The little imp was a only a lad, so i guess i should be more forgiving.
He thought it would be funny to pretend that a Vampire was lurking around in the forest, so i went out to find the creature and destroy it, only to have him throw eggs at me as soon as i walked out the door.  Of course, right at that moment a few older Immortals were coming up the driveway and saw the whole thing!  I was laughing stock for a month!  Suffice to say i was not happy, my ego was bruised and i never forgot it.  Everyone else seemed to think it was funny though...

I am simply swooning from my time with James.  Oh, that Scottish accent gets me every time.  Too bad he's already found his other half or I might have embarrassed myself!

Be sure to check out the book Immortal Prophecy (by Samantha Adams and Kay Frye) if you haven't yet!

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