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Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fifty Shades of wonderful, emotional sexy roller coaster.  There are not words enough to express how much I love this book.  Fifty Shades was recommended by a friend, and completely different than my usual genre choice and "comfort zone" in reading.

I am so glad I listened to her recommendation and gave it a chance.  For anyone wary of the genre and subject matter, I still urge you to give it a read.  The BDSM, while an important aspect of the story, is not abusive.  This is, at it's heart, a romance with some seriously kinky, steamy sex. 

Christian Grey is haunted, driven, brilliant... a young CEO with enough emotional baggage to clothe China.  Anastasia is a young soon-to-be college graduate, with her own self esteem issues and naivety in her affect on the men around her.  Through a quirk of fate, Anastasia must interview Christian in her roommate's place.  From the moment they meet, sparks seem to fly off the pages...

This is not a porn put to page, but a heart wrenching, touching story between these imperfect characters.  (Not that the characters are not written well... they are vivid in detail, but imperfect as regular people are imperfect.)  It sweeps you into the character's heartaches, and takes you on the journey with them.  By the end of the book, despite my personal feelings of such bedroom behavior, I found myself wishing I too, could roll my eyes and bite my lip just before sinking in submission before Christian. 

I had initially intended to just read this book, and move on to another in my "usual" genre of PNR or UF... but once I reached the end... I was upset, depressed.  I wanted more, needed more.  I tried to force myself to move on, but found myself musing on my recollections of Fifty Shades.  Luckily, an angel of a GR friend charged in like a knight in shining armor... with Fifty Shades Darker tucked under her arm...

Try it, you may be surprised how much you'll not just like it, but crave more.

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