Sunday, January 8, 2012

Assume the Position (Darker Side of Blue)

Assume the Position (Darker side of Blue)Assume the Position by T.C. Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It' so hot that it's become HAWT!  I think I have to fan myself after I've read it... maybe go looking into some silk rope....  I'm also going to be blushing furiously the next time I get pulled over.  I'll never look at police officers the same way!

It's a novella about Alex, a police officer with a "sexual" scar from his past, and a young women with trust issues, no family, and few friends.  They meet when she gets pulled over by Alex while on her way to a date she has zero interest in.  It's mainly just a favor for her one friend... and boy, oh boy, do sparks fly from the first moment they meet!

Pros:  It's HAWT!  Did I mention that yet?  Like you're going to have to change your underwear after reading it HAWT!  It's really got a plot, and characters... it's not just mindless BDSM porn put to paper.  And it's hot!

Cons: Way too short!  I want more!  How hard would it be to talk my husband into trying some of this, I wonder....

It's a wonder, hot, fast read that you can squeeze in between books when you need a shot of good, hard sex!  And looking at the boys in blue will never, ever be the same!

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