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G.E. Stills' Succubus Vengeance Blog Tour

For hundreds of years Carina has killed those she is intimate with by draining their life force. That is her purpose, she is a succubus. When she meets Garron her life changes. She discovers she can allow those she is intimate with to live by only draining part of their life force. Being with him awakens something inside her that has been dormant for many years–– emotions. Her life is changed, but not everyone is happy about the new Carina.

Author Bio
G.E. Stills lives in the southwest with a loving wife. He has grown children with children of their own. In his younger years at school his teachers told him he had a vivid imagination if they could just read his writing. His long hand was/is terrible. Tongue in cheek, he blames it on being left handed and is very thankful for modern day word processors. While raising and providing for his family he didn’t write for many years. Now that his children are grown he spends much of his time in front of his computer monitor. In his spare time he likes camping and sailing on a nearby lake in his pleasure boat.

G.E. Stills heeds the call of the many characters that pop into his mind and demand to have their stories put in print. Their tales are both serious and humorous. A multi-published author, his stories cover many genres including contemporary romance, paranormal romance and science fiction. His stories are both erotic and non-erotic in nature. G.E. is the leader of a local writers group and in addition hosts a meeting of his own locally on fiction writing bi-monthly.

G.E. Stills loves to hear from his readers and can be contacted at any of these sites.  

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Carina, tired of waiting, climbed in her car and headed for Dallas. She had just entered the outskirts when the phone rang. "Abby," she answered and pulled to the side of the road.
"This is Mira. Look Abby I'm sorry I asked you to call."
Well at least she isn't whispering this time. "Mira something is going on."
"I don't want you to get involved. There's nothing you can do."
"Well I am involved. As for the nothing…you let me decide that. Now what's going on?"
"It's Tom."
"Tom's your boyfriend?"
"Did you have a lover's spat?" Carina asked.
"I wish it was something simple like that. I already told you, Tom's not my boyfriend."
"Tell me Mira. Don't just make me guess."
Mira started sobbing. "Tom's not a nice person."
"So leave the bastard."
"He won't let me."
"What to you mean he won't let you? He physically won't let you leave?"
"Have you called anyone?"
"Who would I call? He doesn't let me have any friends."
"Duh… what about the police."
"Tom is the police. He's on the force."
"Then I'll get you out of there. Give me your address."
Mira's voice cracked with fear. "I can't. I'm afraid for me and you, but more for you. He'll kill you."
You have no idea what I am Mira and what I'm capable of. "He won't hurt me. Mira you reached out to me but I can't help you unless you help me a little. What is your address?"
Mira mumbled the information.
"I'll be there in twenty. Be ready to leave. Just take what you can carry easily." Carina slammed the car into drive and raced for the address. When she arrived at the house she rang the bell. No answer. She rang again and faintly she heard.
"I can't come to the door. The chain won't let me go that far."
Chain, what the fuck? "Then we'll do this the hard way. Is there a back door? One that isn't build like Fort Knox?"
"Yes," Mira replied faintly.
Racing around back, Carina spotted the door and grabbed the handle. Her muscles flexed and she called on a little of the Kysa in her. The lock screeched and gave way allowing the door to open.
"Mira," she called out.
"In here."
Carina dashed in the direction of Mira's voice. When she entered the bedroom she pulled up short. Mira stood there facing her wearing bra and panties. The room contained little other than a large mattress on the floor. Carina felt her eyes narrow when she spotted the collar around Mira's neck and the chain leading from it to a hook in the wall.
"What the hell?" She moved closer and saw that Mira was covered in bruises and her eyes were black. "Who did this? Tom?" Carina demanded.
Mira looked down at the floor. "He and his buddies."
"We're leaving…now!"
"I don't have the key." Mira indicated the small padlock on her collar. "Tom wears it around his neck."
"No problem." Carina crossed the room, hooked her fingers under the collar and pulled. It parted and dropped to the floor. She raced to the closet and saw there wasn't a stitch of women's clothing. "Where are your clothes?"
"There are a few things in the hall closet but other than that I don't have anything except more of these." Mira pointed to her shelf bra and thong panties.
Carina ripped one of Tom's long shirts from its hanger and tossed it to Mira. "Put this on."
Mira was still buttoning the shirt when Carina took her hand and jerked her toward the front door. Placing her hand on top of Mira's head she almost shoved her in the car. Carina raced around the car, scrambled behind the wheel and sped away. Carina drove a few miles and pulled over.
"Mira how did you get mixed up with that asshole?"
"Long story. The short version is we met in a bar and started dating. He didn't treat me bad back then. Mom and dad didn't like him though. I should have listened to them."
"I need to find a place to take you. Somewhere where you'll be safe. How about your parents."
"Dead. They were killed in a car accident. I can't prove it but I suspect Tom had something to do with it."
"He killed your parents?"
"I don't know for certain but I think so."
"Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles," she rattled of the possibilities.
"No brothers. I only have a couple aunts and one uncle. I'm not close to any of them. I do have a sister but I can't go there."
"Why not?"
"Because Tom knows where she lives. He told me if I ever ran away… If I ever got away he'd kill her."
"What if I give you some money and you can go anywhere you chose. Change your name whatever."
"He'll find me. I know he will. Don't forget who he is. He has loads of connections."
"Fuck." Carina hit the steering wheel with her fists. We're not getting anywhere here. "Mira tell me about Tom. I can see the evidence. He beats you. What else?"
Mira broke down in tears. Between sobs she said, "I can't. If you try to cause trouble for him he'll go after my sister. I should go back. Maybe he won't be too angry if I go back."
"Are you fucking insane?"
"I won't tell you any more. This was a bad idea. I never should have said anything to you." Mira started to open her door.
Stop. Tell me everything, Carina sent out a mental command.  
Mira sat back in her seat. Her eyes dulled and she started telling Carina about Tom, how her beat her, how he did revolting sexual things to her. "He has friends. He likes watching them have sex with me. Rough sex. There's always at least two raping me but sometimes there's as many as five."
The more she listened to Mira the more her anger rose until her blood boiled. This fucker's an animal. A rabid animal. Carina reached a conclusion. And what do they do with rabid animals. They put them down. Which is what I'm going to do.
Carina slammed the car in gear. Squealed the tires in a u-turn and headed back to Tom's house.
"What are you doing?" Mira asked her eyes wide and filled with fear.
"Mr. Shithead Tom and I are going to have a talk."
"Talk?" Mira trembled. "Talk? He won't listen. He’ll kill you."
Carina braked to a stop in front of the house.
They looked at the car in the drive.
"He's here," Mira moaned.
Mira stay here, Carina commanded.
Carina wasn't certain how long her mental command would last given Mira's emotional state. Long enough I hope.
Leaving the car, Carina dashed up the sidewalk. She shifted just before she hit the front door into a brawny woman that would make the build of a female wrestler pale in comparison. The wooden door crashed away in splinters.  
"What the hell," she heard Tom shout from the bedroom. A moment later he raced back into the room. Certainly in response to the crash of the door. "Who the fuck are you?" Tom was already digging in his shoulder holster.

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