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Help Author Nicole Rae Make Her Audio Book Dreams Come True!

Only 6 Days Left!
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Here is the description of 'why' author Nicole Rae is trying to turn her eBooks into audio:

My project is to fund the creation of my books, Clandestine and Divinity into audio books. I am a new author, who recently debuted my first novel. It makes sense that my series would be available in an audio format. In fact, it’s slightly ironic that a blind person is an author and their books are not available in audio.
It has been my dream to write ever since I was a little girl. Now that I’m grown up, I’ve recently accomplished that dream. Now, I need my books to be available for people like me. I want the blind community to enjoy my series, as much as anyone else.
My first novel Clandestine is the first book in the Bound In Blood series. It has been out for a month now and is doing very well. It can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in ebook or print.
Clandestine has stellar reviews and mostly five star ratings. You can view the reviews and ratings on many sites, including Goodreads, B&N and Amazon. Over 350 people have added it to their “to read” shelves on Goodreads. It has also been added to several listopia lists and has even been featured in a group read for Book Haven, such has almost 5,000 readers.

And a lovely video including her adorable little girls!

Interview with Nicole Rae!

I think it's amazing how you've overcome your blindness to continue your reading (via audiobook) and to become an author on top of that! It's really amazing, and I think your 'cause' to make your books into audio is very inspirational!
I imagine day-to-day tasks become vastly different when doing them without your eyesight. What there someone, or a specific moment, that gave you the push to become a writer as well?

I have always wanted to write. I started with poetry and short stories. When I became a grown up and a mommy it was hard to joggle that as well as learning to deal with blindness too. A year ago I found out my three year old daughter is legally blind. They don’t know if she will have the diseases I have yet. It is too hard to diagnose in a child of her age. It doesn’t present the same. Anyway, I didn’t want her to think she was too different to accomplish her dreams. I don’t want her to look at me and think I’m a hypocrite. So, I’ve decided to practice what I preach… “Reach for the stars, and if you still can’t touch them… get a bigger ladder.”

I saw your goal was $2000, will that completely cover turning Clandestine and Sightless Spirits into audio books, or is that just be enough (or nearly enough) for one?

Actually it will cover the costs of two book productions. However, it will go toward the production of Clandestine and the second book in the BIB series, Divinity. It will cover the narrator’s time, the recording, editing and remastering, music and the finished product.

I've forgotten from our discussions if you've had to deal with blindness for only a few years, or most of your life. Has it caused any problems in your writing (describing scenes, colors) or has it given your writing a whole new perspective to your readers? I'm sorry I haven't yet read your books, but they are absolutely on my list!

I have been blind for around eleven years now. I had my childhood and teenage years totally sighted. Now in contrast, the majority of my adult years have been spent in blindness. In some ways it has affected my writing. I sometimes need to ask someone to describe something to me to job my memory. For the most part, I am able to pull from my visual memory to get the job done

Have you formed any friendships with other authors for mentoring or sharing notes and secrets?

I have. When I hired my cover artist, J.D. Stroube at Dreamscape Covers, I found a friend. In fact, she has become one of my very best friends. She is also a young adult author. She has given me a lot of great advice and calmed me down when things got stressful throughout the process.

Why did you create such a short deadline for the fundraiser? Are you trying to 'get the ball moving' quickly since production would take so long?

Kick Starter only allows a short time for their projects. The longest you can choose is sixty days. Honestly, it was recommended to me by Kick Starter to choose thirty, so that’s what I did. I am anxious to get production moving though. The narrator I have chosen (Melissa Strom) would like to start production soon. She says that production will take about six weeks or so to complete. She’s really good at what she does and has even done television acting.

Now the 'fun' questions!

(Other than this question) what are you reading right now?

I just finished Deadlocked by Sharlane Harris and Hidden from P.C Kast. I’m looking forward to starting the new Vampire Diaries book by L.J. Smith when it comes out in a few days.

I'm gambling that you are hopefully a fan of these, or at least have an opinion:
Which would you rather be: Time Lord (Dr. Who) or Witch/Wizard from Harry Potter?

Witch from Harry Potter for sure. Wouldn’t it be so cool if life were really like that?

Is there always room for Jell-O?

In my case… nope. I admit I’m kind of weird. I don’t like Jell-O and never did, even when I was little. For some reason, I can’t handle the texture of it in my mouth.

Glass half empty or half full?

Half full. No matter what one does in life, it’s important to stay positive. Life is an amazing gift that should be cherished. A cup can never be overflowing unless you keep on trying. In the end, that’s all that matters.

You can have any superpower- what would you choose and why?

Hmm… that’s a touchy one. On one hand, I’d have to say the ability to read minds. Sometimes it would definitely be nice to know what someone is thinking. On the other hand, I’d have to say some type of x-ray vision or something like that. How fun would it be to be blind, but have the give of some form of true sight? I think it would be pretty awesome, and very ironic. In my book Divinity (which comes out in December), one of the main characters (Lucy) has an interesting gift, despite her blindness.

What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Oh my Gosh, I have no idea and don’t pretend to. If I had to name something, I’d have to say love. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true. If everyone showed more compassion and care toward one another, maybe the world would be a more peaceful place.

Thank you Alana for conducting such a fun interview. I hope your readers will consider giving my books a try and also give some thought to contributing to my Kick Starter project. Anyone who pledges gets some really cool free gifts for their donations.

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