Friday, June 8, 2012

Dark Light of Mine Cover Reveal

Elyssa graces the cover of book 2 in 
The Overworld Chronicles.
I am just pleased as punch at how beautiful this cover is.

Did you notice it's the same girl from my review?  
Happy Dance!

What the beta readers are saying 
Dark Light of Mine!

"Takes off like a shot and never lets up. Dark Light of Mine left me weak in the knees and begging for book three." --Alana, DARK OBSESSION CHRONICLES

...And that absolutely were the first words out of my mouth: "Where is book three?"

"Dark Light of Mine grabs you from start to finish. Corwin's vision of the Overworld is filled with vibrant characters and vivid details." --Chelle, VICARIOUS REVIEWS

"Has all the witty charm of Sweet Blood of Mine but with even more action and mystery packed in…Dark Light of Mine is a fantastic sequel." –BeckyLooHoo, GOODREADS

"Dark Light of Mine takes the panty-dropping power of Sweet Blood of Mine and pushes it into panty-melting territory."

"Vampires, werewolves, felycans, and incubi are just the tip of the paranormal iceberg…Dark Light of Mine brings them all together to create a thrilling and humorous journey!" --Bookworm, LIGHT MY PANTIES AFIRE REVIEWS

"Corwin pens another laugh-out-loud page-turner for lovers of YA and Adult paranormal alike. No one wrote Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance like this when I was a kid!" --t'irla, BOOKSLAYER

"Dark Light of Mine made my inner goddess squirm in her seat and shout, 'Oh my!'" 


 "I looked at her like I'd just seen a miniature Elvis break-dancing on her head." 

"What was it about women and crying that made me feel like crap? They must have guilt pheromones in their tears."  

"I wanted to find a nice quiet spot, go to sleep, and dream about kittens." 

"No wonder Edward was such a crazy driver," I muttered.
"Who's Edward?" Elyssa asked.
"You know, from Twilight." 

 "Thanks." "For what?" "Using my name instead of call me a thing." 

 "Great. I guess you're the dog whisperer, vampire edition." 

 "In other words, your crap don't stink," 

"I am your light in the dark,"