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Sweet Blood of Mine Blog Stop & Giveaway!

About the Author

John Corwin has been making up stuff all his life. As a child he would tell his sisters he was an alien clone of himself and would eat tree bark to prove it. For John, making stuff up was about one thing: teasing his sisters. In middle school, everything changed. A class assignment to string random words together into a coherent story led to the birth of Fargo McGronsky, a young boy with anger management issues whose dog, Noodles, had been hit by a car. The short story was met with loud acclaim from classmates and a great gnashing of teeth by his English teacher. At this point, John realized that making stuff up had broader uses. Years later, after college and successful stints as a plastic food wrap repairman and a toe model for several well-known men’s magazines, John once again decided to put his overactive imagination to paper for the world to share.

My Review

Sweet Blood of Mine
 by John Corwin
For this review, I need my special pimp hat.
*Alana pulls out a purple Fedora with a long striped feather*

First, a little background on the story…
Justin is not you average HS boy playing football, instead the words nerd, and man-boobs come to mind... but then trouble begins with his family, and then his friends... next thing you know, he's no-man's-land at school except for the Goth crowd. He decides enough is enough, and starts to make changes.
But just as he's started, he meets this smoking hot chick at the gym. She's all 'come hither, Justin' attitude until she attacks him. She's not human. After experiencing a killer migraine, suddenly he starts developing strange powers. It's like he has this ‘panty dropping power’ on any female he comes across, something every hormonal boy should want but not Justin. He's a hopeless romantic.
He has to figure out what is happening to him, even though it seems everyone else knows the rules of the game while he’s still looking for his scorecard. Can he figure out the world he’s found himself thrust into before others track him down and do worse than make him their plaything?

I. Loved. This. Book. 
This is a fast, fun read that left me aching for the sequel. Sweet Blood of Mine is fantastic for adults and young adults alike! Justin transforms before the reader's eyes; starting as a shy nerd needing a "Man-zier" to seducing every female (including the readers) into jelly at his feet. SBoM manages to remain innocent and romantic, but enough ‘action’ to steam your glasses.  It's laugh out loud funny and I highly recommend it to ANYONE who enjoys paranormal romance/urban fantasy!

You simply MUST read this book. You may say, “But I don’t read YA.” SBoM is the YA that everyone should read, even those that don’t usually read YA. Take a chance, and I promise you will not be disappointed! SBoM rolls awkward teenage drama with supernatural shenanigans, adds a few ninja moves, and Princess Bride references (you know you love it). John Corwin adds such wit to this story; it keeps you laughing from the first sentence. Corwin’s writing style reminds me of the Dresden Files and Iron Druid Chronicles because of his laugh-out-loud humor that seems to captivate the reader. You’ll be drawn in by the humor and then the story will create a craving that can’t be satisfied until you’ve finished the last page.

Overall, Sweet Blood of Mine is a hilarious, enthralling urban fantasy that will knock your knickers off and leave you quivering for more!
This is my idea of what Elyssa looks like:

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The Harry Shelton Interview

[This is Miley Morgan, chief editor and lead reporter for the Edenfield High Illuminator newspaper.  After a very wild night in which I witnessed what appeared to be a kidnapping, I've identified another strange person who has somehow become entangled in the life of Justin Case.  This man's name is Harry Shelton.  He likes boots and leather dusters and he also carries around a very ornate walking staff.  Although he's not as hard to track as Elyssa and Stacey, he certainly knows how to vanish in blind alleys.  But now it's time to confront him.]

[I track him down in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park, a place he seems to frequent, perhaps because he lives nearby.]

Me: Harry Shelton, I'm the Truthinator, and I'm here for you.

Shelton: Bring it on, sweet cheeks.

Me: Tell me about your association with Justin Case.

Shelton: You see this? [He points to his rear end.]

Me: Of course.

Shelton: Why don't you kiss it and leave me alone.

Me: Ha, ha. Very clever. For a middle-schooler. You look to be in your mid-twenties, and yet, you're fraternizing with an eighteen-year-old. Are you some kind of Pedobear?

Shelton: [Invades my personal space and leans in.] If you like living, you'll go home and forget you know anything about me, Justin, or anyone else in his life. Supers don't call your kind nom-noms for nothing.

Me: I've heard this warning before, Shelton. It's old news. Now how about answering my questions?

Shelton: How about you shove—

Me: Why do you carry around a walking staff? You don't have a limp.

Shelton: [Sighs and looks Heavenward (obviously hoping God will save his lying butt).] You see me leaning on this thing for support?

Me: No, but—

Shelton: [Grabs and pulls us behind a large tree. (My feminine wiles have finally overwhelmed his brain).] Crap, I think they saw us.

Me: [Trying to look around the tree.] Who?

Shelton: The stupid vam—ah nevermind. [Wipes his forehead.] Close call. Especially after last night.

Me: [Certain that he was only looking for an excuse to get close to me.] What's going on? Give me the story, or I'll expose you for—

Shelton: For what, cupcake? My good looks?

Me: Being a jerk for starters. [Although I must admit that he does have a roguish charm about him.]

Shelton: [Laughs.] Guilty as charged. Here, let's have a seat on a bench and I'll tell you everything you want to know.

Me: [Obviously my well-honed charisma and the pheromone-laced perfume I purchased from a TV commercial have finally penetrated his stubborn shell. I sit down next to him.] Why don't we start with your interest in Justin Case?

Shelton: [Pulls out an intricate little twig thingy, wiggles it around and says a very odd word.] Just relax. I'll tell you everything.

Me: [I yawn and feel very tired all of a sudden. Obviously all the late-night stalking is taking a toll on me.] Who is Elyssa Borathen? What is Stacey hiding? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? [Suddenly, everyone in the park turns into a pink unicorn. I find this tremendously funny and giggle.]

The Pink Unicorn Sitting Next to Me: Have fun, Punky Brewster. [He smiles and trots away.]

[I spend the next few hours frolicking with the pink unicorns, jumping, cavorting, and singing the theme to My Little Pony at the top of my lungs.  Many of them seem very startled (especially the tiny ones) and shy away from me.  One of them, however, makes a barking noise and licks my hand.  He even fetches a Frisbee that another pink unicorn throws.  Eventually, I grow so tired that I lay down on the grass.]

[I awaken some time later and Harry Shelton is nowhere to be found.  After catching up on my sleep and homework, I plan to revisit this elusive man and wring answers from him.  He is the fourth person I've interviewed and yet I feel no closer to solving the Justin Case mystery or discovering just what this 'Overworld' is.  But I am the Truthinator.  I will find the truth, or die* trying!]

[*Minor injury is usually enough to dissuade me from digging for the truth.  The school newspaper doesn't offer a health plan.]

[Also, pink unicorns rule. I'm just sayin'.]

And finally, last but certainly not least, 
I know if you don't have one already, you're itching to get your hands on your own eBook copy of Sweet Blood of Mine!  
Here's your chance!

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