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Book Tag x2- I'm REALLY IT!

Book Tag Rules:
1. You must post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create ten new questions to ask the people that you have tagged.

3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

4. Let them know you've tagged them!

Questions from Karla @ Book-Addict:
1.- What is your Favorite book ever?
I don't think I can choose just one... there are just so many wonderful books out there!  I can try to limit myself to only listing two of my favorite series (but these still don't fully represent all my favorites...)

♦A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison (part of the Hollows series) and 
♦White Night by Jim Butcher (part of the Dresden Files)
2.- If you had to choose a character of one book to meet in real life, who would it be?

So many choices... at the moment, I would like to meet Carter from the Georgina Kincaid series.  How better can it get than a hot mess of an angel that smokes, drinks, and is best friends with a demon?  It shouldn't be boring, at least.

3.- If a thief entered your house to steal your library, what book would you try to save and why?
Well, seeing as my first choice actually was stolen (The Tale of the Body Thief signed by Anne Rice) the next book that I would try to save is Personal Demon signed by Kelley Armstrong (made out to me!)

4.- If you were a character in a book what type of character would you be?

I know there are SO many "dark" fairies out there, but I'd still love to be a fae.  I have a thing for wings and glitter and Tinkerbell.  I also like witches (magic casters) but usually have that ability, too.
5.- have you found a book that made you cheer for the bad guy to win? wich book was it and why?

Symphony because it was the character I actually cared about the most in the book.  Odd to root for the 'monster'
6.- who is the worst character you´ve found while reading a book?
If you are talking about "worst" as in the character I "liked" least, but is still written well, I think it would have Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter.  I disliked that woman so much, my husband and I both nearly threw our books across the room in outrage to her!  She is absolute evil and not nearly enough bad things happened to her by the end of the series.
7.- Do you choose your books by the cover of the blurb?
 Mainly the blurb, but the Title and Cover will usually lead me to read the blurb.  So if the title and cover are horrid I may never even give the blurb a chance.
8.- Do you have any strange reading habits? if so what are they?

I love reading, so I read everywhere.  If I'm stuck waiting on a train at a railroad crossing, I'll pull out my book.  I read at work during my lunch break- and that is interesting depending on what I'm reading since I work at a church.
9.- Hardback, Paperback or ebook?
 Now, I LOVE my "paper" books (both Hardback and paperback) but due to tight space, my husband made me pack away nearly all (except a few all time favorites) books into the attic.  Last year, I was gifted a Kindle... and I have been an eBook downloading fiend!  There are SO many free eBooks!  I love having a library at my fingertips, and I think I would have a meltdown if anything happened to my Kindle.
10.- Give a list of your top 5 book boyfriends....
1.  Bones from the Night Huntress series (Just read the books, and pay special attention to Chapter 32 from book 2 -I think it is.)
2. Christian (sorry Terri!) from Fifty Shades Trilogy (We aim to please...)
3. Eric Northman.... *sigh* from Sookie Stackhouse series (I love the books, but Eric from True Blood is a nice mental image to keep...)
4. Jericho Barrons from Fever series (You. Must. Love. Him.)
5.  This changes often (who would be in the final position...) today it's Clay Danvers -my favorite Southern werewolf psychopath - from the Otherworld series.  Once the next Night Huntress comes out, it will likely change to Vlad.

Questions from Turning the Pages:
1. What was your favourite book as a child and why?

Goodnight Bear, I think it was called.  OLD book from when I was a toddler that I made my father read aloud to me over and over.  Once I got into "real" books, I remember Pippi Longstocking, Ben and Me, and Nancy Drew.  Most of those books I borrowed from my older sister.

2. Why did you first start your blog?

Only about a month or so ago, the question was asked if I had a blog... and no I didn't, but jumped on in and threw one together... it's still got that new blog smell.

3. What genre of books best describes you?

Urban Fantasy (love romance, but it's not a requirement)

4. Who is your favorite author?

Kelley Armstrong (but she's just one among many, I really couldn't choose)

5. If you could meet any author dead or alive who would it be?

Oscar Wilde... I bet he was a laugh riot!

6. If you could be a character in a book who would you be and from which book?

From the previous set of questions (#4) I would want to be a fae.  I like wings, but they are not a requirement.  They are still dark and twisted, but I love the Merry Gentry series... of coarse I would be Merry- fae princess with a harem of men.

7. Do you stick to one genre or are you all over the map with your reading choices?

I stick to a few select genres, but cross over occasionally.  Rarely do I try something far outside my 'comfort zone'.

8. Do your family/friends follow your blog?

Friends from Goodreads, yes.  Local friends, no... sadly my local friends are not avid readers like myself.

9. If you had one piece of advice to tell a newbie blogger what would it be?
If you post it, eventually they will follow... (and plug, and tweak, and plug...)

10. What is the most rewarding thing about blogging for you?

Everyone that takes the time to read what I put out... just knowing someone cares is a wonderful thing!

My Questions:
1. Are there any TV/film adaptations from books that you already love, or are looking forward to, or would like to see made?
2. To read YA, or not to read YA, that is the question- and why?
3. Favorite Genre and favorite book from that genre?
4. Is there a specific book, or a certain age that really was the "start" of your love for reading?
5. How long have you been blogging and why did you create your blog?
6. Who are your five favorite 'book boyfriends'.
7. If you could have dinner with any 3 authors, alive or dead, whom would you chose and why?
8. Have you ever read a book and wanted to throw it across the room, or burst into tears, or immediately go find someone to release your feelings to; if so, which book?
9. Hardcover, paperback, or eBook?
10. Do you ever feel the need to hide your reading, the title of the books you're reading, or the amount of money that you spend on your reading habit?
 and from Turning the Pages!

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  1. I love Christian, Bones and Eric Northman! I also HATED Dolores Umbridge LOL

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