Sunday, April 14, 2013

Abby Road: Sweet, but Wish It Went to an 'll'

Abby RoadAbby Road by Ophelia London

Solid 4♥'s.

First 30-50 Pages were a real turn off; after that it was quite engaging. I can't fully explain why those initial pages are such a turn-off, but they really were. I was actively fighting against the book in the beginning.  It's not like there was huge amounts of world building like in PNR/UF (this is a contemporary romance) but maybe it was even Abby herself that just soured me in the beginning.  While reading about 'stars' and rockers can be fun, this book does show the other side of the coin and the dark underbelly of fame.

Loved the male lead, but still don't fully understand his choices. Their (because really both H/h made wonky choices) odd choices really was the largest reason (other than the first few dozen pages) that this is only a 4♥ rather than a 5♥ read. Really frustrated at the female lead, Abby. Like beyond frustrated, I wanted to put a bag over her head and have a few rounds to smack some sense into her. Uber frustrated! Did NOT like her choices, her complacency, and how she always buried her head in the sand at what was actually going on.

I wish the epilogue was a bit 'beefier' and that the romance was steamier. Had either of those been upgraded, it might have won back ½ a ♥. I wanted to see more of the romance, more between the sheets, and maybe even (I usually don't say this) a little less realism.  Even in a 'real' romance I like to see some almost fairy tale love, or at least have a few more moments of 'melt' than I got.  To take a page out of Spinal Tap's book, I wish they had turned this up to an "11".  And a quick word regarding the chapter names, each a Beatles song. That, given Abby's personality and character, and how they related to that chapter- pure brilliance. Really well-done aspect of this book.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun contemporary romance with a little less kink, more vanilla, and a musical/celebrity vibe. It does fit that bill, and was entertaining.

I received this title for free from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley

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