Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hear Ye, Hear Ye... Winners Abound!

Congratulation comments and graphics

I will be emailing winners today.  
If you do not hear from me, please leave a comment below or private message me on Goodreads: 
Alana (aka *Whiplash*): Co-Mod of Making Connections, 
Our Guilty Little Secret, Passionate Book Divas, 
and Gotta Have PNR with a Kick!
Click on the book title for the link to the book's GoodReads Page.

Yto: Covert Dreams
Yvette G.: Howl
Tina B: Children of the Gods
Denise Z.: Howl
BJ G.: Bound by Blood
Think Books: Ink
Natalie C.: Wanted Nightmares:Battle for Love
Gale A. N.: Howl
Brooke W. D. (bkwrm1): Pandora's Key
Filia O.: Angel Evolution
Tana/My Book Reviews: Slippery Souls
Sebrina C.: Covert Dreams
Elizabeth K. H.: Deadly Eyes
Sara E.: Crimson Midnight
Anna P.: Angel Evolution
Nicola T.: Buried Secrets
Laura T.: The Matchmaker's Mark
DeeDee G.: Deadly Eyes
Jennifer B.: Buried Secrets
Lauren M.: Awakening the Nightmare
Sarah K.: Crimson Midnight
Alana: Love Hurts: The Killing of Rose
Tricia K.: Perfectly Hopeless
Kassandra A.: A Demon Love Story Part One: The Obsession
Stephanie W.: The Palaver Tree

I did my absolute best to honor first wishes on book choice, on a first drawn/first choice basis.  When there were no comments on book preference, it was luck of the draw on remaining books. 

I hope everyone enjoys your Indie Author Books!  
While it's not a requirement, Indie Authors only get the word out through you, the readers; I highly encourage you to leave a review or recommend the books to others if you enjoyed them.  

Thanks so much for entering our Indie Author Giveaway Hop, 
and I hope you stick around for my next Blog Tour
 (with Giveaway!) 
Sweet Blood of Mine!  
Check out Passionate Book Divas for the first stop, 
and other stops until mine!

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  1. Thank you again so very much. I had a great time on the fun hop and was introduced to some lovely author's work and new to me blogs. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! I look forward to following and enjoying the ride!