Monday, April 9, 2012

A Story Not Wished to Be Read


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Dark Passages

Don’t follow me
Down the dark passages of my mind.
Though I need you near,
Would you stay with me
To find my dark secrets?
Are you willing to risk
Getting lost in the shadows
To bring me light?
Come follow me
Down the dark passages of my mind.
I want to lure you and keep you
Forever mine.
To get entangled in my sinister thoughts
And never get free…
Would you want to be mine then?
Save me from
The cruel dark passages of my mind.
Teach me how to love, how to trust.
Take my hand and
Lead me to the light.
Give me yourself
And I’ll give you everything.



She suffered in the torment she made
When she did not trust God.
Through tears and fears she did wade,
Trapped in her horrifying abode.
He showed her mercy and love
And first she was blind.
All she saw were clouds above,
And Satan spoke in her mind.
When at last alone, tired, and afraid,
She thought to turn to His love,
All she thought He would do- upbraid
And knew she deserved Him to disapprove.
But still He gave love, mercy, and grace
And with tears in her soul
She fled to His warm embrace
And no longer felt cold.



Looking back on my short life
Should I be ashamed?
What did I do and who did I please?
And was there an innocent blamed?
When I account for my life
Will I be able to say
That I did my best and tried my best
And made the darkness go away?
Only time will tell whether
I deserve the crown
The crown that God will deme fit for me
For my life, for my time I’ve been around.



Is there enough time in this world
To do what you want to do
To be as helpful as you can be
To do what you long to?
Is there enough time in this world
To think what you want to think
To be as creative as you can be
To not think of your rank?
I think there’s enough time in this world
To do what you want to
To think what you want to thin
To do what you long to.

About Nicola Black

Nicola Black has always been a very creative young woman. When she was younger, she and her mother would make up stories together. As Nicola got older, she started writing them down. However, she would never finish anything. Throughout school, she had to write poems for English. She was homeschooled and her patient mother taught her how to write well. Eventually, Nicola started writing poems outside of school projects. At first she did not think they were very good, but after a while, she finally published her first set of poems on Smashwords. After receiving some very good reviews, she finally realized that she could write. Nicola Black is currently working on three novels and a compilation of short stories.
Nicola Black has been to Scotland three times, but is currently living in the South. She has also joined the Navy and is going to boot camp in September. She also enjoys writing music.


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